Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lindsey Frost

Sent: Sat 4/02/11 1:37 AM
To: Marissa Bea

Hi Sweetheart,
You remember babysitting for my AA friend Harold Frost? They were at the dinner and meeting I went to tonight. Their daughter Lindsay, whom you babysat, is 21 now and entering the Navy. Some time ago she was saying "National Guard" (whatever for?) but her mother said no, they go to Iraq. No Army, No Marines, no Nat. Guard. You can go to the Coast Guard, the Navy, or the Air Force. So it's the Navy. I pointed out that she is 21 and wondered how her mother can tell her which to allow and which are verboten. Her Mom says "she listens to me". Sheesh, where do you get kids like that?


From: Marissa Bea
Sent: Sat 4/02/11 11:47 AM
To: Home

You guys raised us to be indiviuals, think for ourselves and not let others stand in the way of our achievements. And neither of your daughters decided to join any military or government funded position. I think you win. :)


Sent: Mon 4/04/11 12:59 AM
To: Marissa Bea

Dear Marissa,
Wow. Showed it to your Mom and she says Wow too. I almost think I'll frame your reply and hang it on the wall.
Love, Dad