Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We threw it away

Sent: Tue 5/03/11 2:21 AM

Fellow cynics,
A couple years ago I decided that Osama bin Laden had died, perhaps even killed in the original Afghanistan operation, that we knew it, and that the Bush Administration kept it secret because they wanted to fight their wars and didn't want people thinking it was all over because "we got bin Laden". I might have e-mailed about it. I found that there were many others who agreed, including important people.
Last night I watched what was happening on TV and told Carol "Oh well, guess I was wrong." Then I joked that maybe this is all a fraud. At work today people started talking about how they had buried bin Laden at sea. "That's crazy" I said. I thought they got their facts wrong as so often. The rumor mill working overtime. Tonight I see on TV that it is true. In other words, put in the form of a little play, it goes like this: "We have caught and killed the most wanted criminal in the world!" "You have? Where is his body?" "Oh, we threw it away".
They threw it away. In less than 24 hrs, the evidence is gone. I think my theory is back on the table.

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