Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sent: Sun 5/22/11 2:16 AM
To: Marissa Bea

Hi Sweetie,
Your Mom says you and your friends have been having a lot of fun on Facebook about the Rapture. I guess I'm assuming that you didn't get taken up in sending you this e-mail. They have been having rapture parties and rapture concerts and rapture garage sales out here. Anyway, you remember that verse of Jonah that we looked up? I recommend reading the whole book of Jonah, because 1) the context makes the conclusion about rapture events even more ludicrous (it is the King of ancient Nineveh speaking) , 2) It is short, only the two sides of a single page, 3) It is the subject of the remarkable sermon by the preacher at the beginning of Moby Dick (and you should see Orson Welles deliver it in the 1956 movie), and 4) it is bizarre and puzzling right to the last line. Why would the God of the Hebrews send a prophet to scold the pagan inhabitants of the capital of Assyria? And why would they listen to him, and repent? .... The Sounders scored in the 92nd minute tonight, beating KC 1-0. Paul and Johanna got to sit right on the sideline seats because she's still wearing her post-surgery boot for another few weeks. Have fun at the party after your Harps game this Saturday.

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